Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Chemistry In Life Thirteenth Edition

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Chemistry in Life. Sorry I was too late to post this edition... Well, problems with my computer...
Now, with the new segment... Another View of Myu-chan... And the Chemistry in Life Thirteenth Edition started with the news about the bomb which ruined many buildings and hurts people last Thursday (09 September 2004) in Kuningan, Jakarta.


Another case of bombing in Indonesia. Last Thursday, 9 people killed and hundreds people killed at Jl. Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta, because of a bomb. Originally, the bomb was exploded in front of Australian Embassy, well, I mean, yeah, you know what I mean...

The main thing now, is that I just wanna say one thing. (Or more, I don't know) It is a very shaming tragedy. Where is the humanity? How could they say if Indonesia isn't a terrorist country, but it was? Well, maybe Indonesia WAS NOT a terrorist country, but now... Maybe Indonesia is A COUNTRY FOR DAMN CRAZY PEOPLE, isn't it? Well... So sorry for the victims... m(_ _)m


*Indonesian mode ON

10 September 2004

Peringatan Bhass terhadap seluruh anggota Clan (sedikit berubah, maksud saya disensor, maaf) akibat tragedi bom Kuningan:
1. Jauhi tempat-tempat rawan. Misalnya Pindad... (lanjutin sendiri)
2. Jangan membawa benda-benda yang mencurigakan. Contoh:Cutter, pisau,... (silakan dilanjutkan)
3. Jangan berdandan dengan gaya yang mencurigakan, misalnya gaya Rambo (baik Rambo asli maupun RA-MBO [you know what I mean ^_~]), atau gaya Osama (sama saja, red.)
4. Selalu pergi bersama-sama, biar kalo ada yang malak bisa diatasin, kalo ada bom... yah... (silakan dilanjutin sendiri juga... XP)
5. Tambahan utk no 4 dari Myu-chan: Agar bisa sekalian masuk surga atau neraka bersama-sama... XP

11 September 2004

Akibat ketiadaan PAB... (diganti nonton bareng, red.) Kucing-kucing mulai bekerja~!!! Eh... gomen, maksud atashi Divisi Gosip mulai bekerja~!!! Dimulai dari Kitty yang memaksa Ozzi (?!) memotret kejar-kejaran antar kucing... (^_^;; Kemudian Kitty dan Myucchi yang maksa (?!) pinjam kamera Bhass *lagi lagi (^_^;;* untuk bikin gosip bersama....

So this in on spot:
1. Baka_shironeko & Ukiki rujuk??? *bletak*
2. Dhamma dan Dian 'IF ternyata kembar... (dari belakang)
3. Ada Apa Dengan Imlati???
4. Kitty ternyata sudah mempunyai keturunan... (Myucchi, red.) *foto ini diambil Ozzi* *timpuk Oz-chan*
5. dan gosip lainnya yang sudah diambil Kitty, akan diedit Bhass, dan akan di... (pikir sendiri) oleh Myu-chan... XP


14 September 2004

Kejadian mengerikan terjadi lagi di... RUMAH JATI~!!!! Huahahaha~!!!!

Di UKJ menjadi seperti ini:

Jam 08.15 WIB
(Bhass, Myu-chan, Hen-chan, Pii-chan ada di sekre)

Bhass datang, terus...

Bhass: "Eh, lu tau ga, setelah CD-ROM Jati rusak, sekarang CD-WRITERnya ancur juga..."

Dan ia pun menulis cerita lengkapnya di bukom...

Beberapa jam kemudian Jati datang dan menulis sbb:

Dulu: CD-ROM gua ancur...
Kemaren: CD-WRITER gua ancur...
Besok: ???

Sial! Apa Paldi bawa sial ya???


Jam 10.30 Paldi datang...

Paldi (ke Jati): "CD gue udah di-burn belum???"
Jati: "Sialan lu, Pal~!! CD lu tuh membawa CD-WRITER gue ke neraka..."

And you know what I write inside the BUKOM??? "Huahahahahaha~!!!" XP

Selanjutnya, kejadian konyol antara 2 ekor 'neko'...

Sekitar 10.30 Kitty datang ambil tas di sekre... terus sodorin tangan ke Myu-chan yang ujung-ujungnya pasti anak UKJ sudah tahu bagaimana... (garuk tangan Kitty, XD)

Di saat Myucchi ngajak Kitty ngobrol bentar sambil garuk-garuk... tangan Myucchi malah mau dipindahin ke tengkuk Bhass... WHACKS~!!! KITTY~!!! *cakar Fx*

Hiks... sedih... (T_T) Otoo-chan, biasanya kan tidur siang dulu... Atau takut chibi_neko mengganggu tidur siangmu??? XP


16 September 2004

Kejadian konyol *lagi* antara 2 'neko'...

Fx: "Jadi apa maksudnya 'thanks for being a good Kitty'?"
Myu-chan (garuk tangan Kitty): "U know what I mean..."
Fx: "Apa???"
Myu-chan: "U know what I mean~!!!"
(beberapa saat kemudian) Fx: "Iya, iya, saya tahu..."
Myu-chan: "Jadi apa??"
Fx: "Tempat garukan... bukan kucing yang baik..."
Myu-chan: "...." (^_^;;


25 September 2004

Merasa bersalah pada Kitty dan Anna karena memaksa mau hujan-hujanan waktu jalan ke IP... m(_ _)m


27 September 2004

Masih merasakan efek dari KA, KF, dan sindrom Okada... Pusing...


*Indonesian mode OFF*


The first win of Rubens Barrichello who made a hat-trick that day. Well, as he won, Schumi was number two with a really hard work. For what is Ferrari... And the BAR Honda duo is in the third and fourth place...

By the way, if people can be bored because Schumi almost always won, aren't they bored because the Ferrari duo and one of BAR Honda driver (usually Button) almost always at the podium??? (?_?)

Just know I think about it... XD

Results & Driver Quotes (taken from Formula 1 Official Website, you can visit the web if you want... ^^):

Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari (1st):
"I have had a few wins, but this is the first time I win twice at the same race and it is just as magic as the last time at Monza. Some people say F1 is boring but there was nothing boring about today's race. It is an unbelievable feeling. This has been the best season ever and all that was missing for me was a win. It came because we have a fantastic team and I say a very big thank you to all of them and all our tifosi. Thanks to them, I loved every moment of this weekend. When it is your day, it is your day! It was a difficult decision regarding tyres at the start, but I was worried I might be caught up in an accident with people spinning so I felt it was better to fit the rain tyres and push as hard as possible and try and escape the pack. I had actually chosen a set-up that slightly favoured the wet. Maybe if I had come in to change to slicks one lap earlier, my middle stint would have been easier. Then when Michael and Pizzonia passed me I thought all was lost. But when my fuel load came down I was just pushing all the time and it was a good call from the team to change the strategy. I said to myself, 'just push the throttle and go.' Then I saw I was P4 and I could see the other three cars ahead so I knew I had a chance. I could not believe it when the team told me I was P1 and said something rude in Portuguese!"

Michael Schumacher, Ferrari (2nd):
"It was an interesting race with interesting battles. I never thought I could go from almost last to second. At the first chicane I could not stop the car in time and then at the second chicane, I got into a nice four wheel slide but Jenson was outside me, we touched and it spun me round. It was very frustrating waiting for the cars to go past before I could start again. But the car worked fantastically well. As for my tyre choice at the start, I knew that really there was no right choice, so when I saw that Rubens had gone for rain I decided to go the other way, so that at least one Ferrari got it right. But with this result, it seems that both decisions were good. Rubens deserves this win as he drove a great race after a fantastic qualifying."

Jenson Button, BAR (3rd):
"It's fantastic for BAR to move into second in the Constructors' Championship after such a great result today. We came very close to our first victory here but third and fourth for myself and Taku is amazing and I dedicate this podium to the team who have done a great job all weekend. I didn't think the Ferraris were going to be that strong from what we could see earlier in the race, but all credit to them for turning things around in the closing stages. We did a good job to get into third place by the first stops and we had a strong race, but unfortunately not as strong as the Ferraris. In the end I focused on looking after the tyres and extending the gap between myself and Alonso. I think we have an exciting end to the season ahead of us and I now look forward to the challenge of a new race in China in two weeks' time."

Takuma Sato, BAR (4th):
"It was a very spectacular race. We started in damp conditions with half the circuit still wet, so I think everyone seemed to struggle a bit in the beginning. My start was good but I could not pull away at the exit of the first chicane, so I lost quite a few places. Once the conditions improved though I was able to get back on the pace. The most important thing is that the team have come home second in the Championship and the momentum from today must be carried forward for the last three races of the season, which will be extremely exciting."

Juan Pablo Montoya, Williams (5th):
"I didn't have enough grip at the start and I lost one position to Alonso. My car was pretty good in both the first and the second stints when we were close to the cars in front and quite competitive. However, in the last stint the car became very difficult to drive. After the pit-stop I dropped from 3 rd to 6 th position and I could not keep up with the cars in front anymore because of a gearbox problem. Today we collected some more points, which is good, but you would expect a better finish when starting from the first row."

David Coulthard, McLaren (6th):
"Considering the circumstances, we have to be relatively satisfied with sixth place. Based on my experience from last week's test I thought it would still be damp in the forest section of the track and decided to start the race on intermediates as did Rubens. However it already became clear on the installation lap that dry weather tyres were the right choice and I went into the pits to change. As a result the team changed my strategy to a one stop. Towards the end of the race Pizzonia hit me from the back whilst he was trying to overtake me under braking. To be honest I was ready for it as I knew he would try something like that and managed to keep the car on the track and salvage three points."

Antonio Pizzonia, Williams (7th):
"My race was basically compromised on the very first lap, when I got hit from behind and spun off. I was very lucky to get out of the gravel and that my car wasn't damaged but still I dropped to 19 th position. After that, I basically spent my race climbing up the field and I eventually finished in 7 th position behind Coulthard. We were very close and I hoped that I could overtake him but he had more speed than me on the straight and I just couldn’t pass him. I had a good opportunity with a couple of laps to go when David made a mistake in the last corner and I got very close to him coming out of the Parabolica, but we both locked our wheels and hit each other going in to the first chicane, luckily with no consequence for either of us."

Giancarlo Fisichella, Sauber (8th):
"A point was what I expected, but also not what I expected, given the unusual circumstances at the beginning of the race. I was always confident overall that we could score, but to begin with I lost vital time through the combination of low downforce, a high fuel load and dry tyres. But once the track began to dry I felt more confident and was able to start pushing hard and have a very good race. At the end I saw Pizzonia and Coulthard collide and hoped momentarily that I might get even more, but I am satisfied with a point for eighth today."

Mark Webber, Jaguar (9th):
"The rain overnight managed to change the track conditions quite considerably by this morning and so starting the race today was a bit of a lottery on the tyre front. We made a good decision though and I am pleased with how our start went. I was keen to stay out of the collision zone of the second chicane and I managed to do so. The car felt good out there although we were suffering slightly from under-steer that was making it more challenging to drive. The boys have prepared the car well this weekend and I am pleased with ninth position. We have had good reliability all weekend and this is as a result of the hard work that we have been doing. Looking ahead to the final three races, we are all keen to finish on a high and thus will be looking to score as many points as possible between now and the end of the season."

Jarno Trulli, Renault (10th):
"This was a very tough race for me. I struggled in the opening stages when the grip levels were low - I could not find a good pace and could not feel how the car was handling. As the circuit dried out, the handling improved slowly but the car was still difficult to drive. I was quick towards the end of my stints though, and particularly at the end of the race, but by then it was too late to make up any positions."

Ricardo Zonta, Toyota (11th):
"The start was good. I just took care not to make contact with anyone because I was not sure how slippery the track would be after all the rain that we had during the morning. It was difficult to increase the temperature of the tyres at the beginning when the track was still damp. Every time I was behind another car, I lost downforce and the tyre did not perform. Throughout the whole race, I suffered from low grip levels and I simply had to try and retain my position. I am not pleased to finish in 11th position after all the effort we have put in this weekend."

Felipe Massa, Sauber (12th):
"I had a good start and I think it was the correct decision to go for intermediate tyres on my car. I made up a lot of positions and got as high as sixth at one stage. Once I had switched to dry tyres I got on to a damp patch and slid into the back of Nick Heidfeld. That was annoying because I wasn't even trying to pass him, and it cost me my front wing. Overall, however, the car was very quick and I could match the pace of the leaders. Without my problem I'm sure I could have scored more points this afternoon."

Christian Klien, Jaguar (13th):
"My start was good into the first corner and fortunately through the first chicane cleanly. Although it was not raining at the start of the race the track remained quite damp and it was actually quite tricky at times to drive. For me the beginning of the race was really enjoyable and the car felt very good. I enjoyed racing and the Michelin tyres were working well with the car. We did change my front flap slightly however to help with the balance and some under-steer that I was suffering and this seemed to help. My second stint was a bit tricky with the under-steer and it made the car more difficult to drive. However, going into my third stint I made up some time and aimed for the chequered flag. I did have to do a drive-through though of the pit-lane as it appears that I was speeding in the pit-lane during one of my pit stops. I did overtake the Renault of Jarno Trulli at one point though and that was great fun. Overall I enjoyed the race and I am pleased with finishing. I am now looking ahead to the final three races with the goal of scoring points to help the team finish seventh in the Constructors Championship."

Nick Heidfeld, Jordan (14th):
"I am relatively happy with what we achieved, as I think we managed to get the maximum from our resources. Early on I had problems overtaking the Minardi because he seemed to have better top speed than me but once I got past, my pace was good. Then Felipe tried to overtake me and ran into the back of my car which did a little damage but thankfully it had no big influence on the balance. We converted to a one-stop strategy which worked out, although it wasn't easy with a heavy fuel load and having to really look after the tyres. While I would always be happier with a better position, I think we did everything we possibly could have so I'm satisfied with our efforts."

Zsolt Baumgartner, Minardi (15th):
"I think we had not too bad a race. It was a bit tricky at the beginning, but I think we made the right choice to start with slick tyres. I lost a little time on the damp track in the first couple of laps, but then the grip came in and I was able to pick up the pace. I then had a good, really fair race with Gimmi. As the race wore on, I was struggling with the balance of the car a bit, but we were able to adjust the handling during the stint. I'm happy I was able to finish the Italian Grand Prix, like last year, and I'm now looking forward to China, where I hope we will be able to have a good race. Overall, I'm happy with today, but most of all, I'm relieved that no one was hurt in the fire this afternoon."

Fernando Alonso, Renault (DNF):
"The first thing to say is that we will bounce back from this result. Monza was the worst circuit of the year for our car but I was competitive and fighting with BAR. I hope the next Grand Prix will see us climb back up the table. As for the race itself, we made the right decision on tyres at the start, I made a good start and then everything went as normal. Jenson overtook me during the first round of pit-stops, but I was keeping up with him. My spin occurred when I took too much kerb in the second chicane and lost control of the rear end of the car but after that, I was surprised that the marshals decided not to push me, as the rules allow them to. But that's life: we now need to focus on the last three races to re-take second place in the championship."

Giorgio Pantano, Jordan (DNF):
"I don't know exactly what happened but at Parabolica very soon after my second pit stop, I think perhaps I found some water or something on the track and the car just suddenly spun. I saw Nick running wide there as well, just ahead of me. Once I had spun there was nothing I could do and it was quite a big crash. I'm really disappointed and it's a shame to retire from my home Grand Prix like this."

Gianmaria Bruni, Minardi (DNF):
"I again made a very good start and had overtaken seven or eight cars after the first few corners. As the track was drying quickly, however, I made my first planned stop a little early, which put me behind Zsolt when I came out of the pits. I then closed the gap right up to him during my next stint and was expecting to overtake him after the second stop. Unfortunately, when the refuelling nozzle was placed on the car, it seems a small amount of petrol leaked out, and when it hit the hot parts of the car, there was instantly a fire. Fortunately, it was extinguished immediately, but some of the fire retardant got into my helmet and I couldn't breathe properly. I'm fine now, but it's really a pity for the guys, as the car was good and I think we could have a solid finish today."

Kimi Raikkonen, McLaren (DNF):
"I think we could have been in a strong position for a podium finish today. However it was not to be, as after only two laps it became clear that my engine was losing water pressure. It was a shame as I made a good start and gained a few places. Things were looking good and this is not the way I would have liked to finish the European season, but at least we now have the pace to fight for victories."

Olivier Panis, Toyota (DNF):
"I am extremely disappointed with the outcome of today's race. I think the team made a good strategic decision to start on slick tyres despite the damp track conditions. I gained a place into the first corner, and I was racing closely with Pizzonia at the second chicane with the field very tight. I picked up a bit of understeer and ran into the back of his car, which broke my front wing. I then ended up in the gravel and my race was over. It is a real shame after what has been a difficult weekend for me."


Alright, moving to my 'new house', Shanghai. Bad week and bad luck for Schumacher, as Schumi started from pit lane after slip the day before, and Ralfie out of the race because of a problem...

Well, at least it is not so bad. Schumi sets the fastest lap on lap 55, though he finished number 12.

Oh, I almost forgotten... Welcome back my dearest Ralfie~!!! Miss him so much! And Villeneuve with Renault... Where's Trulli? It's all about like and dislike? Or else?

Though it's a bad day for Schumi (and maybe for Jean Todt), Barrichello and Ferrari won the race. At least, Luca di Montezimolo and Jean Todt can smile... Glad to see you, Mr. di Montezimolo~! (^_^)

Results & Drivers' Quotes (taken from Formula 1 Official Website, as usual):

Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari (1st):
"I have spent much of this season trying to catch up Michael and now I am going through a good phase and here in China, everything has gone well all weekend. I must thank the team for giving me a good set-up that allowed me to push hard when I needed to. The reception we have had from the Chinese people has been fantastic. I had a very good start and I was amazed at the amount of grip I had on the first lap. Kimi pushed me quite hard but I was able to keep a gap. I was not sure I had command of the race until my final pit stop when Ross told me that I should be okay. So, as I left the pits I still pushed flat out and then at Turn 3, I looked in my mirrors and saw no one behind me so I knew I was okay. Towards the end, when I had a lead of about eight seconds, the team told me to back off a bit, but then I had to step up the pace again when Jenson got closer. Also at one point, I had to lap Villeneuve who did not see me at first as he was fighting for position but then he let me through correctly. This track has been really challenging, but with a variety of possible lines through the corners overtaking is possible and that is all we need for a good race."

Jenson Button, BAR (2nd):
"It's fantastic to finish on the podium in the first-ever Chinese Grand Prix and to achieve my fourth 2nd place finish this season. We came here needing to keep Renault at bay for second in the Championship and a nine-point lead is exactly what we were looking for. It's a great result for the whole team and well done to them for a great job. I didn't get a good start; in fact losing two places off the grid was disastrous. Today proved again that our first win is getting closer but starts are something we'll need to look at before we can take the next step up. Our strategy was good but it was so hard to push versus the three-stoppers, so in the end I had to concentrate on keeping Raikkonen behind me. It's been a great race for BAR, China and F1 and I'm looking forward to keeping up the fight in Japan in two weeks' time."

Kimi Raikkonen, McLaren (3rd):
"From where I was sitting that was a close and exciting debut race and hopefully the Chinese fans agree. I was able to keep up with Rubens but just lacked that final speed to get past and take the lead. As always we are here to win races and decided to change my strategy in an attempt to get past Rubens with a short middle stint. However, it didn't work out and we lost second place to Jenson, but I'm not too disappointed. The car has felt good throughout the weekend and once again my Michelin tyres were working well. My times were consistent during the race and I'm looking forward to the last two races where we will continue to go for victory."

Fernando Alonso, Renault (4th):
"It was a pretty good race. We started the weekend with quite a lot of problems, we improved the car throughout the weekend and it got better during the race. I think these five points will be important for the championship at the end of the year. The next two circuits should favour us more than the last ones have and I am feeling good. My motivation his high and I am focused on scoring the points we need to get back second place in the championship."

Juan Pablo Montoya, Williams (5th):
"My start wasn't too bad and I was able to pass Panis but then I went to the inside and it was so dirty that it was like stopping and everybody passed me back. I tried to regain my position and I overtook Jacques Villeneuve twice but I didn't have enough traction and he just passed me back. It was real fun! In the first part of the race I was stuck in traffic, but the second part was better. I was quite close to Sato but I made a mistake before the pit-stop and it cost me a little but then he made a mistake and I got him back. It's good to have achieved fifth position from where we started and I am glad to have collected some good points for the team."

Takuma Sato, BAR (6th):
"This is a great result for the team! I am delighted with our performance today, with one car on the podium and my car starting from the back of the grid still scoring good points. I fought a hard battle having heavy fuel on board, but I was able to enjoy the race and at the end of the day to be able to finish in sixth place is a great team effort. I am happy that we have moved even further ahead of Renault. This first Chinese Grand Prix has been a great success with really exciting racing and I am now really looking forward to the next race at Suzuka."

Giancarlo Fisichella, Sauber (7th):
"I'm happy with seventh place, becausushed flat out and then at Turn 3, I looked in my mirrors and saw no one behind me so I knew I was okay. Towards the end, when I had a lead of about eight seconds, the team told me to back off a bit, but then I had to step up the pace again when Jenson got closer. Also at one point, I had to lap Villeneuve who did not see me at first as he was fighting for position but then he let me through correctly. This track has been really challenging, but with a variety of possible lines through the corners overtaking is possible and that is all we need for a good race."

Felipe Massa, Sauber (8th):
"I had a fantastic opening lap. I really enjoyed my fight with Button and was very happy to overtake him again after he had gone past me. But after two laps I had incredible graining on the tyres and the car was understeering so much I was holding everyone up. I'm actually surprised that I didn't lose more places. After the stops I could push hard again and catch up, but over the final seven laps I had a flat spot on a front tyre and it was so difficult turning into right-hand corners that I was afraid I might not finish. It was a good fight with Coulthard at the end, and I'm happy to score another point in the circumstances."

David Coulthard, McLaren (9th):
"An exciting race with a disappointing outcome for me. As always with a low grid position it is difficult to achieve a decent result particularly as you inevitably get involved in the mid-field battles. There is no doubt that the pace was there, but I got stuck behind one of the Saubers in the opening stages and lost a lot of time. On lap 37 I unfortunately had a coming together with Ralf Schumacher at the hairpin and damaged my left front wheel. I'm sorry for him but it also affected my race significantly as I could have finished higher up in the points. It took me quite some time to reach the pits to replace the wheel. At the end of day the team could have used the points, but at least we put on a good show in China."

Mark Webber, Jaguar (10th):
"I knew that the race was going to be tough and it was. The circuit is very demanding technically for both the driver and the car and we were giving it our all out there. The car felt well balanced and the team had done an excellent job ahead of the race. I made a good start and took Juan-Pablo Montoya by the first corner. From that point on until the end of the race I did everything I could to make up places. Everyone was good and reliable today and points were always going to be difficult. I was struggling for traction at times but given the pace of the Renault and the Ferrari behind me I was pleased to finish in tenth. The R5 is a really good package at the moment and I would love to be scoring some points in it. We have two races to go so I will be doing everything I can to fight for some top eight finishes."

Jacques Villeneuve, Renault (11th):
"I learned a lot during the race this afternoon: I know the R24 better, I have got a full race distance under my belt and I have also understood what a 2004-style race is like. To be honest, I just needed too long to get into the rhythm at the start of the race. I made a good start but I hadn't warmed the tyres enough and lost a lot of the positions I had made up. As soon as the circuit rubbered in more and the grip improved, I was able to attack but unfortunately, I couldn't stay close enough behind Webber in turns 9 and 10 - which meant that I was too far behind to try and overtake when we got to the braking zone for the hairpin at turn 14. Even so, I feel ready for Suzuka now."

Michael Schumacher, Ferrari (12th):
"I am happy that Ferrari won today. If one driver fails, the other is there is the way we share our responsibilities, so congratulations to Rubens. This was a slightly more interesting race than I would have wanted! But at least all the unlucky things have come in just one race weekend, so hopefully we will have no more this season. I tried to pass Christian (Klien) when I saw the door was open, but he turned in as I was halfway alongside. It was just a normal racing incident. Then I had a spin as I was following Alonso very closely in his slipstream and lost downforce. Finally, came the puncture on the left rear tyre which cost me a lot of time as I had to drive a long part of the track at very slow speed, coming into the pit much too early which meant the team decided to change my strategy."

Nick Heidfeld, Jordan (13th):
"I'm quite happy with the race and it was good fun, especially at the start where I made up some places. After that I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to keep up with the cars in front. Unfortunately after the first pit stop, with the second set of tyres, it got a bit worse because I experienced a lot of graining on the front tyres which took a long time to disappear and that's why I lost some lap time. In the end I just worked really hard to keep Panis behind me and I'm happy because I think it's a good achievement for us."

Olivier Panis, Toyota (14th):
"The problem at the start of the race ended a good chance for a points scoring result in today's Chinese Grand Prix. Basically, the anti-stall kicked in unexpectedly and the car would not get going, so I was at the back of the field heading down to the first corner. All I can say is that we will work hard together to try and find a solution for the future. It is a terrible shame after a strong qualifying performance yesterday. During the race, the car felt good and consistent, so it was clear that we could have done well this afternoon. Basically, it was a missed opportunity for the whole team."

Timo Glock, Jordan (15th):
"My race was a bit difficult. I had a bad start compared to Nick, with more wheel spin than normal. The first five laps I experienced graining and understeer and watched Nick speed away ahead of me. After that when the tyres came back, the lap times were pretty good and I could get closer to Nick again. I pushed a little bit too hard at the end of the first stint and had a spin that kind of ended my race because after it I couldn't close the gap to Nick. That was bad but on the positive side, the lap times were good and consistent. After the second stop I lost some grip and the car was oversteering, but having said that I was able to do my fastest lap on the last lap. Overall I am satisfied with myself because the car was nervous and I didn't find a good rhythm. It's good to have done another race - it was my aim to finish and I did it."

Zsolt Baumgartner, Minardi (16th):
(no quotes)

Gianmaria Bruni, Minardi (DNF):
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Ralf Schumacher, Williams (DNF):
"It's a true pity that my race had an early end. My car had a puncture following contact with Coulthard. He tried to overtake me but I think his move was a bit too optimistic. Anyway, I came into the pits to fix the car which we thought had been damaged but after a careful look, the engineers decided that I could continue the race. However, too much time had elapsed by then and it was too late to get out on track again, because I would have been two laps down. It's a shame, because my race had been good until then and I had been fighting in the top five positions. It's true I had lost a place at the start, but all in all I was in a position to collect some useful points."

Ricardo Zonta, Toyota (DNF):
"I had a great start and a really good first lap, during which I managed to overtake some other cars and gain several positions. I was happy with the performance of the car and my speed in the race was quite competitive, so I was able to fight with Coulthard and Fisichella. Even if I did not have the opportunity to overtake the cars in front of me, I was putting some pressure on them. After my last pit stop I lost my fifth gear and I had to come back to the garage, where unfortunately the race finished for me. A disappointing end as I think that we could have scored minimum one point today."

Christian Klien, Jaguar (DNF):
"I made a good clean start off the grid and was pleased to make it round the first corner without incident. The R5 was feeling well balanced and competitive and I was enjoying the race. When I was on lap twelve on the long straight I could see the Ferrari of Michael Schumacher a long way behind me. As I neared corner four I looked again for Michael and I could not see him and consequently then turned in only to make contact with his car. I carried on and came in to pit as normal but it was clear that my race was over. The rear suspension had been damaged in the incident and it was impossible to continue. I am very disappointed with the outcome of my race today as the car was very well prepared for this weekend and we had completed some very successful testing. The track is very challenging to drive and I would have liked to finish this first ever Chinese Grand Prix, but it was not to be. I now travel directly to Australia to continue with my training ahead of Japan."

And this is the end of Chemistry in Life Thirteenth Edition. See you, take care of yourself and... Ja ne~!!! (^_^)/~~~~


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Name: Dian Anggraini
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Birthdate: January 9th, 1988
Zodiac: Capricorn
Chinese Astrology: Fire Rabbit
Birthplace: Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia
Home: Nganjuk, East Java, Indonesia
Current Residence: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Job: Student of Department of Chemistry, Bandung Institute of Technology
Side Job: Writing Formula 1 Reports on this blog, writing poetry and short-stories...
Interests: Science (Chemistry), Music, Nature, Culture, Arts, Formula 1, MotoGP, and many more...


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NO.1 ni nara nakutemo ii
Moto moto tokubetsu na Only one

Hanaya no misesaki ni naranda
Ironna hana o miteita
Hito sorezore konomi wa aru kedo
Doremo minna kirei dane
Kono naka de dare ga ichiban da nante
Arasou koto mo shinai de
Baketsu no naka hokorashige ni
Chanto mune o hatteiru

Sore na noni bokura ningen wa
Doushite kou mo kurabeta garu?
Hitori hitori chigau noni sono naka de
Ichiban ni naritagaru?

Sousa bokura wa
Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana
Hitori hitori chigau tane o motsu
Sono hana o sakaseru koto dake ni
Isshou kenmei ni nareba ii

Komatta youni warai nagara
Zutto mayotteru hito ga iru
Ganbatte saita hana wa dore mo
Kirei dakara shikata nai ne
Yatto mise kara dete kita
Sono hito ga kakaete ita
Iro toridori no hanataba to
Ureshi souna yokogao

Namae mo shira nakatta keredo
Ano hi boku ni egao o kureta
Dare mo kizukanai youna basho de
Saiteta hana no youni

Sousa bokura wa
Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana
Hitori hitori chigau tane o motsu
Sono hana o sakaseru koto dake ni
Isshou kenmei ni nareba ii

Chiisai hana ya ooki na hana
Hitotsu toshite onaji mono wa nai kara
NO.1 ni nara nakutemo ii
Moto moto tokubetsu na Only one

There's no need to be No. 1
you've always been a very special only one.

I saw many kinds of flowers
lined up in front of the flowershop.
everyone has their favorite kinds
but all of them are pretty.
Without competing to see
which was the best among them,
they were standing
straight up proudly inside the bucket.

So why then do we humans
have to compare ourselves to one another?
Eventhough each and every person is different,
why do we want to be number one?

Yes we are each..
a flower unlike any other in the world
and each and everyone of us carries a different seed
We should focus all our efforts
on trying to make that flower bloom.

There are people who are
constantly unsure of what they want,
as they laugh a little put out.
It can't be helped, all those flowers,
that did everything they could to bloom, are pretty.
when at last that person comes out of the store,
they're holding a colorful bouquet
and I see them smiling happilly as they go by me.

I never knew their name but
that day they made me smile.
we too are like flowers that bloom in places
where no one pays any attention.

Yes we too are each...
a flower unlike any other in the world
and each and everyone of us carries a different seed
We should focus all our efforts
on trying to make that flower bloom.

Small flowers and big flowers,
none are the same as one another.
There's no need to be No. 1
you've always been a very special only one.

Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana - SMAP


~Hard Luck Hero - V6~
~Kinjirareta Asobi - ALI Project~
~Madoite, Kitare, Yuuda na Kamikakushi ~ Border of Death - IOSYS~
~I'm Your Angel - Celine Dion~
~Wish I Had An Angel - Nightwish~
~Seishoujo Ryouiki - ALI Project~


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Yukari Yakumo
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