Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Chemistry In Life Thirty-eighth Edition

Hello~! How are you? Did you have a nice week? I have so, because I don’t think I have a nice one, since I almost couldn’t sleep well at night all this week. Oh, well…

Anyway, I have some ramblings this time. From the alternative periodic tables, until my similarities with Kimi Raikkonen. *g* Don’t ask why he always mentioned recently. And, it’s just because he was the first person that I found has many similarities with me. :P

Well then, we’ll start with the brand-new Another View of Myu-chan.


*Indonesian mode ON*

11 June 2007

Setelah menemukan persamaan Ryorin dan Kimi, yang sebenarnya lebih banyak dari yang saya sebutkan kemarin, sekarang Myu malah menemukan 12 persamaan Myu dan Kimi. :P

Ini dia:
1. Apa adanya dan susah ditebak.
2. Susah diatur.
3. Tidak banyak bicara.
4. Tidak terlalu menyukai shopping pakaian.
5. Makan junk food kapanpun ingin.
6. Menyukai motor sports, disamping F1.
7. Menyukai kecepatan di segala tempat, dan mewarisi cinta terhadap kecepatan dari keluarga.
8. Tidak punya merek favorit. :P
9. Memilih 'coupe' daripada 'spider'.
10. Sayang keluarga dan anak-anak.
11. Pendapat tentang orang yang berkharisma: yang bisa mengekspresikan kualitas moralnya (yang tinggi), dan dapat memotivasi orang lain.
12. Benci rokok dan berpikir bahwa merokok itu berbahaya.

I love the last point! Well, yeah, I’m a bit shocked when I found that he hates smoking. But this make me love him more… FYI, Ryorin hates smoking, too.

A deeper rambling will be down there, in my new column called ‘What Are The Similarities?’

14 June 2007

Kubica ternyata masih belum bisa ikut balapan di AS. Memang sih, dia ternyata… Hanya keseleo. Tapi tampaknya dokter FIA ga mau ambil resiko. Akhirnya, diputuskan bahwa dia akan digantikan oleh Sebastian Vettel. Duh, lupa asalnya mana... T.T

Too bad... I was hoping I’ll see him this weekend, but... If it’s the best for him, I couldn’t say more. I’m still hoping I’ll see him the next race. Anyway, it’s such a miracle that he didn’t broke his legs when he had a severe accident like that one, and only the cockpit remained from his car. Amazing.

16 June 2007

Myu dan Ryorin menemukan sesuatu yang… Belum kami tahu sebelumnya. Tabel periodik alternatif. Isinya sebenarnya sama dengan yang sudah kita kenal, tapi ini bentuknya lingkaran.

A deeper insight will be below there. :P

17 June 2007

Akhirnya, McLaren-Ferrari kembali mendominasi dua baris start terdepan! *dikemplang*

Akang Lewis, terus Abang, Felipe, dan Kimi. Hmm...

Anyway, I wonder where Daddy Schuey is this time… Oh, and Vettel was nice…

18 June 2007

Akang menang lagi!!! *ditimpuks tifosi* Oh, well. Kimi nomor empat di belakang Abang dan Felipe. Vettel, menggantikan Kubica dan dapat satu poin. Ngomong-ngomong, ternyata Vettel itu orang Rumania

I’m happy for Lewis and Kimi, but honestly, I’m upset since McLaren is still leading. Anyway, maybe I should be a bit happier. Lewis is 10 points ahead of Alonso, and he might be the next world champion. And.. Maybe I won’t get bored because Alonso not being the world champion for the third time in a row.

Well, yeah, I know. I used to be happy when Daddy Schuey was dominating for five years. But now, I feel different. I tend to get bored easily, especially Alonso was ‘dominating’ for two years, and now the one dominating is McLaren, where I heard Alonso entered the team because he wants to win on different teams. Oh well… Maybe it is also because I really hope that Kimi would win the championship this year…

Oh, and now Vettel is the youngest point scorer… 19 years old… Aww~ The same age with me! *runs away*Read it here


Hello there and welcome to Indianapolis. ^^ Lewis Hamilton got the pole position again. Oh, and there is a rumor that Fernando Alonso feels treated like a step-son in McLaren-Mercedes because it seemed that McLaren favored Lewis more. Thus, this problem made him lost concentration and had unstable result. But, Ambu said to me that Alonso’s instability is probably his ring. Read it here.

Back to the topic. Again, Lewis Hamilton got the pole position. With Alonso as P2, McLaren secured a front row. Behind them, the two Ferrari secured the second row, Felipe third, and Kimi fourth. Then, there was Heidfeld, Kovalainen, Vettel, and Trulli, until the eighth grid. Anyway, where’re Sato and Wurz? They were on.. the back of the starting grid. Wurz was 17 on the grid, and Sato was 18.

Oh, by the way, people. I wonder why I didn’t see Michael Schumacher this time… Anybody knows where has he gone?

And… the race was started on a sunny beautiful day. *g*

Lewis, Alonso and Massa maintained their position at the start. Kimi lost his position to Heidfeld and Kovalainen, and became sixth. Ralf, Barrichello, and Coulthard were out of the race after.. An accident at Turn 1, as far as I could remember. Yellow flag was out.

Lap 2, Fisichella had a problem and turned into the gravel. But apparently, he still could survive.

Lap 8, Kimi was still chasing after Kovalainen. One lap after it, Fisichella passed Davidson and Button.

Lap 10, Lewis was already over 2 seconds ahead of Alonso.

Lap 12, Liuzzi had a radio communication. He was asked to keep punching forward. He was eleventh, anyway.

Lap 13, Sato lost control of his car and spinned into the gravel. He was out of the race. Yellow flag was out, until lap 15 ended.

Lap 18, Alonso recorded a fastest lap, and Kimi was still struggling behind Kovalainen, trying to get past him. Lewis recorded a new fastest lap soon after it.

Lap 20, Kovalainen get past Heidfeld and became fourth.

Lap 21, Lewis and Felipe pitted from P1 and P3, respectively. Heidfeld, too. Alonso led the race. Heidfeld rejoined in tenth place. One lap after it, Alonso entered the pit.

Lap 24, Kimi pitted for 7,8 seconds from P2, and rejoined in ninth place. Fisico passed Wurz. Kovalainen led the race and yet to stop.

Lap 26, Scott Speed lost in the battle for fifteenth with Button. Lewis was having a slow lap this time, slower than Alonso. Kovalainen pitted from the lead and rejoined in… ninth. Kimi seventh, after he passed Heidfeld in front of the pit lane. *g*

I bet Kimi was thinking like this, ‘I’ve got you, and now I won’t give back my position to you. Ever.’ Well, probably… Who knows what he was thinking about..

Time passed, and it was already lap 30. Lewis and Alonso was still leading, while Webber entered the pit from fourth place. The gap between Alonso and Lewis decreased to 1 second. Trulli pitted.

Lap 32, Alonso was a bit faster than Lewis, The gap was 0,8 seconds at that time. Felipe third, and Kimi fifth.

Lap 36, Rosberg is fourth, yet to make his first stop.

Lap 38, Alonso was trying to get past Lewis, since he saw an opportunity. But Lewis stay calm, and Alonso failed. Lewis was still the race leader.

Lap 40, Rosberg came into the pit for a 13,1 seconds stop. He rejoined in tenth. Lewis was still leading the race, with Alonso, Felipe, and Kimi behind him.

Lap 43, Kimi and Felipe ‘battling’ each other, but they keep in the same position. Kimi was faster than Felipe, anyway.

Lap 47, Kovalainen pitted for the second time from sixth place and rejoined in ninth. Heidfeld pitted one lap after it.

I heard Sato was given a 10 grid penalty for the next race. It seemed because of that accident on lap 13 before.

Lap 50, Alonso pitted from second place and rejoined in fourth. One lap after it, Hamilton pitted from the lead. Kimi pitted as well and get a new, softer and probably faster set of tire. Hamilton, however, secured the lead from Alonso.

Lap 52, Massa pitted from P1. He was third after that, right in front of Kimi.

Lap 55, Heidfeld seemed to have a problem with his car’s hydraulic system. And he was the fifth man who was out of the race.

Anyway, I saw someone similar to Felipe at the garage. Hmm.. could it be his family?

Lap 59, Wurz had a problem in his Williams car. Webber pitted from fourth place.

Lap 61, Webber was trying to pass Trulli, but he went across the grass. And then back to the race track. This was what I called ‘grass-cutter car’.

Lap 64, Kimi was 0,4 second behind Massa, and he was still trying to get the third place. He was also the fastest man on sector 1 at that time.

Time passed really fast, and soon it was only 6 laps remained. Hamilton was still leading. Kimi made a little mistake and he was then 0,9 seconds behind Felipe.

Lap 68, Rosberg’s engine was burned and there was smoke out of his car. Yellow flag was out, again. Rosberg seemed a bit upset since he had to be out when it was only four laps remained. Along with him, Liuzzi was the sixth man out of the race.

And finally… The four frontier winners were the same as the starting grid. Hamilton won the race, followed by Alonso, Felipe, Kimi, Kovalainen, Trulli, Webber, and Vettel.

I’m still upset because this is the first time Ferrari lost the winning in Indianapolis and McLaren keeps leading the championship. But again, I’m happy for Lewis and Kimi. Lewis for his second win, and Kimi for a good result in fourth place (and safe race… *g*)

Congratulation for Vettel for his result, too. He was only a substitute for Kubica, but he is already good this race. I hope he’ll get a good race if he is racing again next time.

I’m upset for McLaren domination recently. But well, since Kimi would always says that we still have a lot of races… I think I have to be a bit calm down…

Oh, and anyway, Alonso was looked happy with the smile, but also upset at the same time. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but… His eyes shows that he is not really happy. Could this mean that the rumors about him are true? I mean, that emotional problem about McLaren and the ring.

And.. It was sweet seeing Lewis hugging Felipe for a moment after the champagne shower. :P The fact that he is loved by everyone and loves everyone too.

See you in France, two weeks later. Bye. ^^


Aside from the well-known Mendeleev periodic table, apparently, there are some alternatives periodic table.

These are the one of the alternatives’ properties:
1. The standard table (same as above) provides the basics.
2. A vertical table scrolls down for narrow pages.
3. The big table provides the basics and full element names.
4. The huge table provides the above and atomic masses.
5. This table sets inline the f-block of lanthanides and actinides.
6. Electron configurations
7. Metals and non-metals
8. The blocks are shaded instead of series.
9. The valences are shaded instead of series.

In Thoedor Benfey's periodic table (1960) the elements spiral out in two dimensions starting from hydrogen folding their way around two islands, the transition metals & lanthanides and actinides. A superactinide island is already slotted in. In the Chemical Galaxy (2004) the elements spiral out in a similar way.

In 1969, Glenn Seaborg suggested an extended periodic table. Yet unknown elements are included, until the atomic number of 218 (!).Helium is placed in the group 2 elements.

Then, there is the physicist's periodic table, created by Timmothy Stowe. This table is three-dimensional and the three axes represent the principal quantum number, orbital quantum number, and orbital magnetic quantum number. Helium is again a group 2 element.

There is also Paul Giguere's 3-D periodic table that consists of 4 billboards with the elements written on the front and the back. The first billboard has the group 1 elements on the front and the group 2 elements at the back with hydrogen and helium omitted altogether. At a 90° angle the second billboard contains the groups 13 to 18 front and back. Two more billboard each making 90° angles contain the other elements.

And, the interesting one is the circular one. Look at the picture.

That one is an alternative developed by Mohd Abubakr, Hyderabad, India. The base is the standard periodic table, but it’s in circular shape. Hydrogen seems to overlapped Helium in that table. I still wonder what’s the purpose of the circular shape, but maybe we’ll found it later, since the aim from developing an alternative of a periodic table is often to highlight or emphasize different chemical or physical properties of the elements which are not as apparent in traditional periodic tables. Some tables aim to emphasize both the nucleon and electronic structure of atoms. This can be done by changing the spatial relationship or representation each element has with respect to another element in the table. Other tables aim to emphasize the chemical element isolations by humans over time.

So, what’s the aim of the circular one? I still wonder about it…

Resource: Wikipedia


A few days ago, I found a fact that I have 12 similarites with Kimi Raikkonen.

These are the similarities:
1. Honest and unpredictable.
Kimi was really honest about his feeling. And so do I. Well, we would show our true feeling to people, and we’ll answer questions honestly. Almost. Even if you’re talking about Kimi, he’ll answer your questions really honestly. (Like, trophies is the stuff he collected when traveling around the world.. *g*) And, he would show his feeling through his face… ^^;;

We’re also unpredictable. Did you remember Kimi ended up Schumacher’s call back then, and he said that he couldn’t hear anything? It might be true that the signal had a problem, but it’s also true that he was a little bit upset at that time, maybe because it’s not Luca di Montezimolo that called him to congratulate. Schumi and Todt maybe thought that Kimi would be happy if he receive a congratulation from Schumi himself. But, Kimi seemed a little bit upset about that. Totally unpredictable. And, what about me? No one knows my feeling at the very moment. I’m totally a moody, and you can’t predict when will I get really sad or mad, and when will I bounce happily. Even sometime, you may see I am totally sad and depressed, while I was happy a few seconds ago. Even Ryorin couldn’t predict it…

2. Hard to be settled.
I don’t know how to say about this.. *g* But it’s true. When Kimi was still a little boy, his parent enrolled him to school, but he didn’t really like it. He didn’t like studying on the books and loves karting more. His favorite and best day was Thursday, because the scholastic program planned two hours of physical activity, two hours of unskilled labors, peas soup and crêpes for lunch. His favorite subject was Sports. And, when it comes to winter, his Dad said that he always carried two schoolbags, not because the books inside, but because he always handled them as a sledge when he went home. LOL. He finished regular Finnish education system, anyway.

I wouldn’t talk much about how hard I am to be settled. I hate directed by people, and that makes me always refused to be settled, hard in front of people.

3. Not talking *too* much
Especially Kimi. You see, he’s always silent, icy cold, and talk a little. Usually, only the important things. And I, actually I am a silent person, except that I’ve known you well, and you know me well, too. Even sometimes, when I know people well, they will think I am fussy. But it’s just because I feel good with the person. If not, I prefer to be silent and talk a little.

4. Don’t really like clothes-shopping.
Kimi doesn’t really like it, and so do I. It’s normal for him, though. Men usually don’t like shopping. But maybe you’ll think I’m unusual. Most women love shopping, right? I love that, too, especially shopping about snacks or food ingredients. But I don’t like clothes-shopping, because I always had a hard time to choose which one to buy. *blushed* Oh.. Really, I really don’t like it.

5. Eats junk food whenever he/she wants to.
Yeah. We’ll eat junk food whenever we want. Nothing more to talk about it.

6. Loves motor sports besides F1.
All kind of motor sports. *g* Yeah, that’s true, all kind. Now I think I should be a man, instead… *lol*

7. Love speed on every type of surface, and inherited the love of speed from the family.
We inherited the love of speed from our family. Kimi loves speed really much, and he said that he has anything fast in his garage, from bicycles to cars. I love speed so much, too. I, when I was at high school, I used to ask my father to drove his car really fast. He did it, though. And always did, because he was a racer back then. That really helped me to sleep well in the green Citroen. *g*

Oh, and a little fun fact. Even though he loves speed on every type surface, he wouldn’t ride a horse for the second time ever. His wife doesn’t give any permission to him to ride her horses anymore after he screamed just to know how to stop a horse on his first trial on riding a horse. Well, maybe we should tell that Kimi loves speed on every type of surface, except on top of a horse. :P

8. Don’t have any particular favorite brand.
Err.. Yeah. If you asked Kimi what is his favorite brand, he’ll say that no one in particular. Me, too. *g*

9. Coupe over spider.
You know coupe? Okay, good. That car with a hard roof, two doors, and usually a sloping rear. I don’t know why Kimi loves this kind of car, but for me, coupe looks really good.

10. Love their family and love kids.
Well, it’s normal, right? Everyone should love their family. ^^ We love kids, too. Kimi’s ambition is to start a family, a real family with wife and kids at a point. He said he want a child, but not at this time. He gives charity to children regularly, anyway. Maybe he wants to have a child when he retired from the racing world, to raise his child on his own, along with Jenni beside him… Oh, well.

Talking about my family, I really love my family, but rarely show that I love the so much. I’m dreaming to have a happy family of my own, too. And my craziest dream is to have 23 children. Maybe it is because I have a big family from both my grandparents… *g*

11. Who has charism? Who can express some moral qualities and, with these one, he is able to motivate people.
I’m glad we have the same view about charismatic people… ^^

12. Hate smoking, and think that smoking is dangerous for health.
Have I said before that I’m shocked when Kimi hates smoking, because men usually love smoking? Now I’m happy he is. And, apparently we have the same thinking. Ryorin hates smoking, too. It is dangerous for the health. My Dad is smoking, anyway. Kimi’s wife, Jenni, is smoking, too.

And… I have nothing more to talk. *g* Next time, I’ll tell you about biofuel. I have to see my archive first before I talk about it. See you next time!


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So why then do we humans
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when at last that person comes out of the store,
they're holding a colorful bouquet
and I see them smiling happilly as they go by me.

I never knew their name but
that day they made me smile.
we too are like flowers that bloom in places
where no one pays any attention.

Yes we too are each...
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