Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Chemistry In Life Thirty-ninth Edition

Welcome to the brand-new Chemistry in Life. Don’t ask why there is no cats now. *g*

Oh, and sorry, I haven’t finished writing about biofuel yet. Some of my documents are missing, so I couldn’t finish it right now. Really, sorry.

Okay, enjoy what we have today!


*Indonesian mode ON*

26 June 2007

New layout, new look. A brand-new Chemistry in Life.

Btw, jangan protes kalau kucingnya hilang. :P

Eh... Kucingnya ga hilang, kok. Disimpan! *ngeloyor kabur*

30 June 2007

Yay~! Ferrari on the pole!

Yah, Felipe pole, terus Akang Lewis, Kimi, dan Kubica. Btw, Abang Fernando payah ah. Kena masalah gearbox di mesin, mana di stage terakhir pula.

Makanya, jangan merahasiakan itu cincin yang dipake apaan, dari siapa... Nikahnya kapan.. Masa mau saya nanya gini ke Abang, ‘Kapan kawin? Kawin kapan?’, pake gaya kaya iklan yang di TV itu... Mau?


*kabur sebelum ditimpuks cewek-cewek penggemar Abang yang bakal patah hati kalau Abang nikah nanti*

1 July 2007

Ferrari 1-2!! Yaaaay~!!! Great job, guys!

And look who’s back.. *eyeing on Kubica*

Eh, dan mencari-cari di mana Daddy Schuey.. Setelah baca berita ini, usut-punya-usut, ternyata orangnya ngajak Zidane keliling Magny-Cours pakai mobilnya. Eh, tapi itu kan bukan pas balapan, ya?

Jadi, kemanakah dia saat balapan berlangsung? *celingukan*

2 July 2007
Ngecek blog, dan Ambu ninggalin pesan di shoutbox: 'Abang jeleeeeek! Akang sih konsisten.. Gunz jeles lagi nggak, Kimi yang menang?'

Tahukah Anda bagaimana saya membalasnya?

D: Chrissy – G
U: Fei – R
DU: Dilarang cemburu sama Kimi~!!! :P

U: Ambu – R
DU: Tuh, suami saya sudah saya larang cemburu sama Kimi...

Wikikik. Dan kata Ambu, istrinya Kimi (Jenni Dahlman-Raikkonen, red.) ga cemburu karena dia udah punya Kimi sepenuhnya. Nah Ryorin, punya saya aja belum.. Dan katanya lagi, itu Ryorin takut dipoligami sama Kimi. *timpuks Ambu* Emang siapa yang mau poligami, Ambu?

Dan saya salah nanya lagi, masa saya nanyain 'Kapan mau nikah?' ke Ambu... Harusnya kan ke Ryorin...

Ryorin, jadi mau saingan sama Abang nih ceritanya... (Duh, lupa, saingan apa yah...?)


Ah, iya, orangnya baca waktu saya nulis ini!!! Bodo ah.

Dan, Ambu juga protes soal tret. Udah ada tret MotoGP di HPI, kok belum ada tret F1. Dan lihatlah.. Apa yang terjadi di HPI.

Lihat sendiri aja deh.

*kabur makin jauh*

Indonesian mode OFF*


Why, hello there. It’s time for a French GP at Magny-Cours. There’s a rumor that this GP maybe the last time the French GP is held at Magny-Cours, but I don’t know if it’s true.

And.. Ferrari is back! At the qualifying, Felipe Massa of the Ferrari being the fastest man and secured a pole from his rivals. Lewis Hamilton second, Kimi Raikkonen third, and Robert Kubica fourth. The running world champion, Fernando Alonso, had to start the race from 10th place, because he has a problem with his machine’s gearbox on the last qualifying stage. What a shame for Alonso. Takuma Sato, who was given a penalty, had to start from the 22nd place. Then, Adrian Sutil had a little problem with the car and had to start from the pit lane.

The start went really good for the Ferrari duo. Felipe lead the race and Kimi took the second place from Hamilton. There was crowd at the back, and an accident involving Liuzzi and Davidson occurred. Just a few turns after that, Kovalainen’s Renault was pushed by Trulli’s car and he spun at the middle of the track. Yellow flag was on.

Lap 2, yellow flag was still on, and Alonso now giving pressure on Rosberg. He was seventh. Sato 16th. Kovalainen pitted. One lap after it, Trulli pitted and sadly, he had to be retired from the race.

Lap 5, Alonso was trying to pass Heidfeld, but he failed, and Heidfeld managed to secure his position at that time.

Lap 16, Hamilton became the first man to enter the pit for a stop. He rejoined in seventh. Alonso pitted as well, got a new harder set of tires, and then he was ninth.

Lap 18, the race leader Felipe Massa had a 8,4 s stop at the pit, leaving the lead to Kimi. One lap after that, Fisichella and Kubica pitted at the exactly same time.

Lap 22, Kimi entered the pit, as well as Heidfeld. Felipe retook the lead.

Lap 28, Alonso was pushing too hard on Heidfeld, causing him to went a little wide and failed to pass Heidfeld.

Lap 29, an accident occurred at the pit. When Christijan Albers was ready to go back on the track, one of the mechanic was pulling the fuel hose too late. And, Albers was out from the pit with the fuel hose still on his car. Soon after it, he had to retired. Yellow flag.

Lap 33, Alonso finally passed Heidfeld and became fifth.

Lap 37, Hamilton pitted for the second time and rejoined right behind Kubica. He managed to passed Kubica just a few turns after it, anyway.

Lap 39, Alonso went wide as Hamilton set a fastest lap.

Lap 42, Felipe set a new fastest lap. He was the fastest man on sector 1, Kimi on sector 2, and Hamilton on sector 3. Felipe pitted and rejoined second.

Lap 45, Kubica pitted from fourth place for 7,8 s. Kimi pitted as well, and rejoined *still* as the race leader.

Lap 51, Hamilton had a third stop. He was still third.

Lap 55, Alonso tried to get past Fisi, but he was stuck on seventh place. Kovalainen pitted.

13 laps remaining, Scott Speed had a problem. His steer seemed to be blocked, and there comes.. Hello, gravel. And then Speed should be out of the race. For the third time, YELLOW FLAG WAS ON!!

9 laps remaining, and Felipe was the fastest man on the track. Kimi was the second fastest, and Alonso was faster than Hamilton at that time.

7 laps remaining, Kimi lead for about 2s ahead of Felipe, which was over 29s ahead of Hamilton.

And finally, Ferrari 1-2. Kimi Raikkonen won for the second time this year, followed by Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton, Robert Kubica, Nick Heidfeld, Giancarlo Fisichella, Fernando Alonso, and Jenson Button.

Yaaay~! *dances around* Anyway, the championships table haven’t changed a lot yet, except for the value. :P Lewis Hamilton still lead the championship with 64 points, Alonso has 50 points, Felipe 47 points, and Kimi was still fourth with 42 points. McLaren still lead with 114 points, 25 points ahead of Ferrari.

Ferrari seems to be back. So.. Watch out.

See you soon for a British Grand Prix! Ciao!


Actually, this is an old quiz I read from Myojo, back in February 2005. But I think I should write it down here since I have no idea what to write.. ^^;;

Q1. Love begins when...?
When two people meet, starts to spend their time together, then found that they have many similar interest or anything else. When they start to learn about each other closer, that's the beginning of love.

Q2. It's the middle of the night. Your boyfriend calls and says "I wish we could meet up now". What would you do?
I'll find the reason first. If it's an important reason, I'll go meet him. But due to a reason, probably I'd make a teleport machine, so it's easy to me to go there and then go back to my room. (laughs)

Q3. Your boyfriend asks "between your job and me, which is more important?"
Well, both are important. Sure, he is more important than any other thing. But nowadays, job is important for either men or women. I'll just ask him in return, "If we're married someday, would you allow me to work?" As a woman, I know some husband do not allow his wife to work, but if my future husband do not allows me to work, I won't work. But if he gives me freedom, well then, I'll work.

Q4. "That was such an immature thing..." you recall. A somewhat embarrassing love talk.
When dating for the first time, and it's time to lunch, I have no idea what should we have for lunch... Since he is unselective and I am indecisive, he then asked me, "Would you use coin?" Well, guess what, we then flip the coin several times just to decide what our lunch is... After that, since he noticed that there are 20 food courts, he said, "I think another time we have to borrow D20..." Well, he said if it was just a funny thing, but for me it's really embarrassing...

Q5. To-date, what have you learnt from love?
Lots of thing. Sharing, understanding, forgiving... Well, the main thing I learnt of love is to keep alive though you're in a big problem... to support your soul mate at any time, any place, and any occasion. Ah, well... I've also learned that a man become patient if he is falling in love with a girl... (laughs)

Q6. Have you ever cried over love?
Yeah... When I was high school, I ever cried due to lost love. But for now, I think sometimes I did it due to happiness.

Q7. Is there anything your boyfriend does you'll find unforgivable?
Lying and betrayal. I would only forgive him for lying if it's for a certain reason, but betrayal is one thing that would make me sent him to hell.

Q8. When does it become obvious it's time to go separate ways?
Umm... (thinking quite hard) I have no idea for that.

Q9. Memories of you and your ex-boyfriend assail you, what do you do?
I'll try to simply forget it. But, well, it's not easy to forget the past, isn't it?

Q10. What is love?
Love is beginning of a miracle. It's a melody of two hearts. But overall, it’s somewhat like an atom which contains mercy, respect, longing, patience, regret, surprise, and forgiveness... Another important thing about love is commitment. There's no love without commitment.

Q11. What is the colour of love?
My colour, pink. But it would changes into colours of rainbow, then blends into white at the end. Well, love's colour always changed, depends on what time and occasion...

Q12. Do you believe we each have our own pre-destined lover?


Instructions: Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

So, I am..

1. Totally moody. If now I'm laughing with you, maybe just a 0,001 s after it, I will cry so hard or yell at you. And so does the opposite. I even don't know when my mood is up, and when it's down.. Just don’t make it worse when I am down, PLEASE.

2. If women loves clothes-shopping, I'm not. Really, I don't like shopping, especially clothes-shopping. Just because I can't choose the clothes well.. T.T

3. Always tends to sleep if I am having a trip with a sedan. Well, usually, with all kinds of sedans. The best one is always Citroen, anyway...

4. Loved my cell-phone so dearly. Even if it's now quite old and starting to has an error sometimes, I still loved that phone...

5. Named every device I have or ever have. From PC, until USB Flash Disk. Even I named some of Ryorin's devices, too. LOL. And, I treat all of them like my own children. I even remembered all of them, including the lost ones. Here are the names: Momiji, Asuka, Hasumi, Balthasar, Miama, Amamiya Eiji, Taiyou, Taisetsu, Yui, Sharazade, twins Miku-Mika, Mikuni, Lunareina, Takeru, Kotori, Savoia, and Asteia. Umm, actually, I named EVERYTHING I have…

6. A totally Formula 1 maniac. Even if someone asked me to go out with him/her, I would stay at home watching F1 if it's the day. I really wouldn't even want to miss any race, except if my television is broken. And, as you always know, I loved to ramble about F1.. so much. Even my first love is... Kimi Raikkonen! Yeah, yeah, that was an old high school joke about me.. --; (It’s 70% true, anyway..)

Tagged people:
1. Ambu
2. Herda
3. Ireth
4. PSS
5. Lily
6. Abay

Pass on! Ramble ON!


Anonymous Amanda said...

Nomor 5 sama banget kek saya. Tapi cuman namain si Keyboard (Melody), Gitar (Melosa), and komputer (Nerdy!)

He he he... dikenalin tuh sama barang2ku.

Thursday, July 05, 2007 3:53:00 pm  

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they were standing
straight up proudly inside the bucket.

So why then do we humans
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Eventhough each and every person is different,
why do we want to be number one?

Yes we are each..
a flower unlike any other in the world
and each and everyone of us carries a different seed
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There are people who are
constantly unsure of what they want,
as they laugh a little put out.
It can't be helped, all those flowers,
that did everything they could to bloom, are pretty.
when at last that person comes out of the store,
they're holding a colorful bouquet
and I see them smiling happilly as they go by me.

I never knew their name but
that day they made me smile.
we too are like flowers that bloom in places
where no one pays any attention.

Yes we too are each...
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